The Gospel: The Good News

As the pananastastic understanding of atonement sees the Bible’s revelation of that good news.

It’s simple, really.

Jesus Christ died for you! He paid the penalty for your sin, my sin, everyone’s sin—the penalty of death—so that you (and all of us) will be resurrected from the dead! God promised He would make the payment, and He’s done it by His Son Jesus Christ’s willing sacrifice for us all. It’s grace. You didn’t deserve it, I didn’t deserve it, no one deserves it. But we all will be redeemed from death because of it, our bodies (rejoined to our spirits) will be saved from an eternity of being nothing more than dust and ashes, immortal for all eternity.

So trust in Him to save you from the coming judgment as well—the second death—which death is God’s wrath breaking forth as a consuming fire upon all who deny Him, who spurn His gracious act for them, who try to stand in their own righteousness, falling far short of meeting the absolutely perfect standard God expects of us all, the standard to be like Him as He originally designed humanity to be. For if you heed His call and believe on Him, you will never die again! God will count your faith right now as a righteousness equal to His own, will cleanse you of your sin, will regenerate your spirit, will indwell you with His Holy Spirit, will join into covenant with you, and will do so much more—in the end, He will remake you as righteous as Him in your resurrection, giving you glory and eternal life. This is salvation to the fullest.

This is the Good News, the Gospel. Believe it!